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Frequent Flyer Parking Program

In addition to providing superior customer service and offering luxury amenities at affordable prices, we are now making the parking experience even sweeter for loyal customers! Join our Frequent Flyer Program, the more you visit Expresspark, the more points you earn!

For every pre-tax dollar paid on parking, you EARN 1 Point!

  • Earn 200 Points and receive 1 FREE DAY of parking!
  • Earn 400 points and receive 2 FREE DAYS and so on!

Credit for points may only be redeemed online towards the next reservation.

Credit for points will not be given for past receipts.

Points expire after two years of inactivity.

How do you get your points?

By registering a Frequent Flyer Account online and making a reservation with your account! It is that easy.

Scan your reservation’s QR Code/Barcode or your Loyalty E-Card when you pull onto the parking facility, and you will accumulate points during your check-out. If for whatever reason the codes did not scan at entry and a paper ticket was pulled, show the cashier your reservation along with the paper ticket at check-out, the cashier will adjust your points earned.