Advantages of Offsite Airport Parking

The pandemic has forced us to stay in our homes and cancel long-awaited vacations and travel plans. As many countries loosen their COVID-19 restrictions, Americans are clamoring to visit tourist destinations despite airfare hikes. This sudden surge in flights is called revenge travel.   Limited parking in airports has always been a problem, even before the pandemic, but with the increasing rate of revenge travel, parking capacity will become more of a headache. This is especially true for the Philadelphia International Airport, which served 18.2 million passengers in 2021.   Due to the limited number of onsite parking spaces in the PHL airport, travelers resort to offsite parking to ease their worries. Continue reading to discover the advantages of offsite airport parking.  

Why Bring Your Car with You?

If you’re going on a trip, it seems practical to leave your vehicle at home, where it’s safe and secure. An Uber or a taxi would likely be your next best option when it comes to transportation. Unfortunately, it may cause a lot of travel anxieties and inconveniences. Spare yourself the hassle by bringing your car with you instead.  

Onsite Parking is Stressful and Confusing

Onsite airport parking can be overwhelming, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the place. Reading traffic signs and directions can leave you feeling intimidated and anxious about such an expansive airport as the one in Philadelphia. It’s hard to find a free parking spot, and even if you do, there’s a possibility that you might park so far away from the correct terminal.   No one wants to go through this experience on an already nerve-wracking day!  

Travel at Your Own Pace

During rush hours, traffic on the roads leading to the airport is slow-moving. It would also be difficult to book a ride. When you drive your car, your schedule is more flexible and is not subject to external factors not under your control.  


It’s a misconception that private offsite airport parking is more expensive than airport parking. Several offsite parking services offer special discounted rates for frequent flyers. Express Park provides luxury, top-notch parking solutions at low rates.  

Reserved Parking Space

Whether you book your slot beforehand or come in on the day of your flight, there will always be free space at an offsite airport parking facility. You don’t need to waste precious time circling the entire parking area.  

Fast and Reliable Shuttle Services

Offsite parking facilities usually provide shuttle services that take you to and from the airport. Our drivers are knowledgeable about the best routes and drop-off points. This inclusive service gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ll make it just in time for boarding.  


Most parking facilities have both open air and enclosed parking. The area is fenced, gated, and guarded by staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rest assured that your vehicle is safe and in pristine condition when you return.  

The Leading Offsite PHL Airport Parking

When you’re traveling, there’s already so much to worry about—from travel documents and COVID-19 precautions to transits and hotel reservations. Express Park allows you to have access to your vehicle so you can drive home comfortably upon your arrival.   On your next trip, don’t hesitate to park at our South Lot facilities and entrust your car to our professional parking attendants. Safe and happy travels!