Feel the Perks of Winter: Take Advantage of Low-Season Travel Rates

Traveling is good for the body and the mind, and yet most people don’t go for it thinking that it is costly. However, not a lot of people know that off-season traveling can save them quite a few bucks while being able to see the beauty of the place without all the crowds. For one, according to statistics, in June, you will spend $382 on domestic airfare, while in January, the same ticket will cost you $236. And the best part is that now, with companies like Expresspark South, you can keep your wheels safe while traveling. Continue reading below to see why you should give off-season travel a go.

Lower Airfare Rates

Off-season airfare is significantly lower than traveling in summer. If you’d typically pay $1,200 for a trip to the Maldives in mid-July, the same ticket would cost around $800 in February. The fact that summer flights are in high demand during peak season makes winter traveling an unexplored and bountiful experience. Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, plane ticket prices will definitely not be the same in June and January, so why not make an educated choice and book your flight during the winter months? With such a significant difference in the price ranges for season and off-season traveling, imagine how much of your budget can be spent on other enjoyment besides flight tickets!

Smaller Crowds

If you love traveling but aren’t so big on mingling with thousands of people on the streets and the beaches, then off-season trips are your top consideration. For those that enjoy a peaceful vacation, traveling during the winter months will not also be more affordable but more enjoyable, too. Consider packing up and visiting your favorite destination in January and February – tourist attractions see less traffic during the off-season, so you’ll really get to enjoy your trip to the max.

More Discounts Await

A lot of tour agencies offer amazing discounts during the off-season. What’s more, you can even stumble upon an “early bird” offer in November that you can use to travel in January or February. That way, you’ll get the already affordable low-season flight prices and enjoy a nice dinner out at almost half the regular price. During the off-season, you’ll find amazing deals on food in your favorite tourist destinations, be it Paris or some of the resorts in the U.S. Moreover, since demand drops during the low-season months, you’ll also save a lot on wellness and spas. Would you be surprised to see a facial rejuvenation treatment or a full-body massage cost less by even 50%? On the other hand, if you’d rather enjoy some wind in your hair, booking a cruise in the off-season will get you the most bang for the buck at pretty discounted prices.

Expresspark: The Safe Place for Your Ride in Philly!

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