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Expresspark South Lot
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 10565 reviews
 by Bill
Great service!

Each step of the way has been thought out carefully and with the customer in mind. Booking in advance is easy and the email with code makes check in and check out simple. The drivers are courteous. They speak to each other on the radio knowing you can hear and acknowledge the customer. Driver dropped me off at my car in order of pickup. All around good experience.

 by Lea A

Everything and everyone was GREAT.

 by Cliff

Polite,courteous,prompt,easy ,reasonably priced. No reason not to use there services

 by Marianne

Love the ease of driving to the lot from Delaware. Staff was friendly, efficient, and timely. This was a great choice for us!

 by Jim G

Great service, Poor Website.

Thanks for the review, Jim. We would appreciate if you could let us know a little more in detail on where improvements can be made for the website.

 by Steven W
Door to door, who could ask for more?

My family and I have used Expresslot South several times now for our family vacation parking needs. They are fast, close to Philly airport, and more than fair priced compared to many local long term parking areas. Once in the van, we only needed to deal with our carry ons. The gentleman assisting and driving us not only took good care of my wife's wheelchair, he was loading bags directly into our car before I could get the the back to assist him. 5 Stars, and worth every bit of pixie dust to fill them to the top.

 by dino a
great job

Great job by the whole team at Expresspark. From check in to check out everything was like clockwork. Very efficient and fast. Would definitely use them again.

 by Scott W
Scott W.

Express Park South is wonderful. Easy to get to, the trip to and from the airport was fast, the price was right and the drivers and cashier were very friendly. Thank you for a hassle free experience!

 by Christine

Express Park South does a great job! Courteous, professional and timely and the rates are great!

Something to change

First everthing from arrivng getting to and from the airport was excellent. No problems. Everyong was over the top with customer service. Until it was time to check out. As I first time customer I had assumed that I would be pay upon departure and jsut thouth it was a matter of giving my name or tag number and we would be charged . As I had given my card when I booked on line.

We got to the check out. Gave her our name and that wasn't good enough. Had I known I need the scan to check out ...I would have had a printed copy on hand. Cell reception was poor and it took me severly try before I could log in . Including turing my phone on and off several times. She had no oter way to get us up on her computer system. Either by name, arrival day and time. So there we sat not being able to check out. 10 minutes go by and we are still sitting there. And I am struggling with my phone. . Finally I was able to connect and get the original email with the scan. Then, only then, could we check out.

My suggestion to you is why is there no other way to check out.

What if something had happend to my phone while I was away! If I had been informed that I need the paperwork or the scan I would have been prepared. I would have had a copy in the glove box to present apon departure.

If youyhave my reservation and card already should it not be just a matter of verifying who I am perhaps with my drivers ID. Then processig the payment with the card I already have given you.

Acutally for a first time customer the whole check-out experience was a totaly confusing. We were there15 minutes or more - all while customers waited behind us. And we had to perodioclly wait for her to check customers in.

Like other lots (Generally we fly out of BWI) they just pull up the reservation, either by name or tag number, confim who we are and charged. The whole check out process was just a mess and time comsuming. Karen C 302-xxx-xxxx

Dear Karen,Terribly sorry about the hold-up. Yes there are alternative ways - and we have trained cashiers extensively - to look up reservation by last name or tag number. We are very puzzled why they were not implemented and will continue to investigate. We also sent you a separate email to further discuss the incident. Please check your email inbox. Thank you!

 by David C

I use the Expresspark South Lot for all my flight travel out of the Philadelphia PA airport. The location is very convenient, easy to access, well kept lot, prompt service and courteous employees.

 by Donna B
Always a Great Experience

ExpressPark is so convenient to use, getting us to the airport so quickly and efficiently. The vans are spotless and drivers are personable and professional. We were picked up within 3 minutes of on our return home as they have continual communication with the command center.

 by Chris m
My new favorite parking lot!

For yrs we used another lot ( which we still like) but wanted location closer to Rt 476( blue route). Tried Express South and loved it!easy access off 95, prompt pick up, clean modern van, courteous driver(loaded and unloaded bags for us and of course we tipped generously). I forgot my CPap machine on van and called express, the driver returned to our terminal in no time to deliver it to us. Upon return from our trip we called, got clear instructions, AND even tho there were several groups waiting, we were allowed to board van in the order that we called to request a pick up( a couple was turned away and i asked them why and they responded “ because you called before us). It was a flawless experience for my family of 6 adults, and even cheaper than my former off site parking lot! I highly recommend!

 by Chris H
Always Good Service

I always use Expresspark South. It is easy to access off of 95 and my vehicle is always safe. I recently arrived in Philly at around 11:30pm on a Saturday night and for some reason their was several flights landing within the same times causing an overload of passengers. A family of 14 was split up due to van space and when our van arrived we gave our spots to the remaining family members. Within minutes another van arrived taking us to our vehicle. As I checked out the employees gave me some Candy as a thanks for helping out. That's right Candy(it was good!) in Philly! Thanks Expesspark.

 by Cherylene
Great service!

Could not have been better service- will continue to use this lot and recommend it. Thank you!

 by sharon

Express Park South offered exceptional service. We arrived back in Philadelphia at 12am and the van was dispatched within minutes of our call. . .Recommend them to all who travel through Philadelphia. . .

 by Darryl J
Express Park South

Express Park South provided great service. Personnel were friendly and helpful. We will surely

use this service again and you couldn't ask for a better rate.

 by Michael K

One of the best at PHL airport. Drivers professional and courteous. Definitely recommend to others.

 by Emerson
Continuing Excellent service

The people at the South Lot continue to provide great customer service. Their professional attitude never lessens. No matter what time or what weather conditions you can always depend on the staff st Express Park South

 by norman s

The Best!
The staff was the friendliest and quick to pick us up. You also cannot beat the price! Would recommend to anyone and we will be using South Lot again!

 by Julie
The best!

The staff was the friendliest and quick to pick us up. You also cannot beat the price! Would recommend to anyone and we will be using South Lot again!

 by Gail & Ed
Convenient, Efficient, Affordable Parking

This is the second time we have used Expresspark South Lot. Each time has made for a very pleasant experience. Someone is there almost immediately after parking our car. A short trip to our terminal. On our return. We called immediately after grabbing our luggage, and the van was waiting for us outside the terminal. So easy and you can't beat the price. Friendly and helpful drivers. Will definitely use again!

 by C Mason
Good Experience

Great professional service. Quick pick up amd drop off times.

 by Chris

Used them about 8-10 times and always pleased. Very convenient and affordable.

 by P

Always friendly and timely.

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